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Corporate & Leisure

Office building

Providing offices and meeting rooms with a variety of audio solutions for different kinds of applications. From ceiling speakers for common areas and corridors to universal speakers, we can custom-build an audio solution just for you.

Conference room

Ensure that your audience can hear you clearly enough with a surround sound system design that can pick up voices anywhere around the conference room. Get the perfect audio system design for your conference room speakers here in Ezcom.


Improve your museum visitor’s experience with custom professional audio solutions. Providing crisp, clear audio and coverage for your museum space can make your visitors’ experience more enjoyable, immersive and memorable via a combined visual and sound exposure.


Enhance the experience of your hotel immensely with a good sound system solution from Ezcom. We can provide you with high quality, reliable and easy to use sound systems suitable for any hotel unit, whether it is for big airy spaces such as the lobby, or carpeted corridors leading to the guests’ rooms.


Immerse your audiences in the movie by equipping your theatre rooms with high quality powerful commercial cinema speakers that provide you a vast range of frequency in sound, allowing your audiences to hear every single action from thrilling blasts to sensory calming nature sounds clearly.


Customise your Karaoke rooms’ audio experience for your guests to get the best karaoke sound system to create a unique and engaging entertainment experience in every space. A combination of high and low frequency speakers guarantee a heart-thumping experience for every verse and drop of a beat.

Shopping Mall

Elevate the shopping experience of your customers with a premium sound system that can project the best quality audio around the mall of any floor – from playing the music playlist, making mall announcements, and broadcasting on deals that are going on within the mall.


Music relaxes the mind and encourages the intake of information with less defence in place. Give your showroom visitors a rich audio experience with the best sound system that creates a welcoming and relaxed environment.

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