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Design & Product Development

Metal Grill Custom Fabrication Service

Custom metal grill fabrication service available

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Tolex Laminating

We offer tolex laminating services to cover our speaker cabinets. Tolex is a water-proof, vinyl fabric material that is glued to the wooden surfaces using a special formula of high performance glue.

Mechanical Enclosure Design

We provide mechanical enclosure design service where all boxes are properly designed to protect and enhance the speaker’s enclosure volume to achieve optimum performance

Crossover Filter Design

We provide passive crossover filter design service that is used in audio production to optimise speaker system performance. A crossover serves as a filter that blocks out unwanted frequencies to a speaker.

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Integration on Full Product System (Amplifier Module)

We provide integration service on full product system for amplifier modules to support the development of high quality professional audio equipment.

  1. SMA-01 (Click to Learn More)
  2. SMA-02 (Click to Learn More) 

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