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Our Team 

the Founder

Mr Takao Low joined Ezcom Electronics Sdn Bhd (then known as Ezcom Global Marketing) in 2001 as a Technical Sales Manager. With his outstanding experience in Speaker Cabinet Manufacturing, Mr Takao has worked with several big brands such as Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer and RCA. He was undoubtedly well recognized in the TV Audio Industry. In 2002, Mr Takao was assigned to Shenzhen China as an overseas technical know-how on setting up a new Manufacturing Plant whose main function is to support productions for RCA, JVC and B&W. In 2004, after returning from Shenzhen China, he then decided to set up his own manufacturing plant in Malaysia where he took the opportunity of the peak era for the Home Audio Industry in China to diversify the business into the Professional Audio Equipment Industry in Malaysia. Started with a significant investment in building plants and machinery with a total 30,000 sqft in size of production area, Mr Takao has successfully led Ezcom Electronics Sdn Bhd to overcome the many years of challenges until it has become a 100% exporter in the World Leading Professional Speaker Manufacturer today.


Meet our Team Member

Our management in Ezcom Electronics Sdn Bhd is made up of qualified individuals with diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in growing together to build innovative and high quality professional audio products for our clients.

Winny Lee

HR manager | 12 years of experience

Crystal Lau

Assistant Manager | 10 years of experience

Azhar Bin Ahmad

Supervisor (Wood Working) | 18 years of experience

Zuridi Bin Zakaria

Production Supervisor | 11 years of experience