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Spray Paint

Polyurea Coating

No VOC Emission | Fast Setting | Extremely Durable & Corrosive Protective | Great Waterproofing & IMMERSION | Elastic & Chemical Resistant | Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor | Scratch Resistance

Professional workmanship on Polyurea Coating that provides anti-scratch, waterproof and impressive damage force protection to prevent cathodic disbonding.

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Waterbase Enamel Paint

No VOC Emission | Fast Air Drying | Save Processing Time | Water Diluted | Eco-Friendly | Suitable for Indoor | Variaty Colour Selection

To achieve high gloss and smooth decorative top coats for speakers, water based enamel paint is often used as the option for coating. Comes similarly with durable protection.

Polyurethane Based Spray

8 Hours Air Dry | 2 Component Diluted with Solvent | High Hardness | Better Flexibility & Scratch Resistance | Suitable for Indoor

Polyurethane based paint is a paint option for speakers that provide a clear, durable layer of protection, giving speakers its sturdy and resilient physical nature.

Paint Finishing

At Ezcom Electronics, we are able to offer a range of speaker coat paint finishing options, such as Polyurea Matt, Water Based Enamel Rough Texture, and Water Based Enamel Fine Texture.

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