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Wood Working

Automatic Panel Saw

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with panel saw machines to systematically cut panels, solid wood, plywood, MDF or others into sizes or speaker cabinet components to ensure minimal error or inaccuracy.

Ultimate T-nut Punching System

An automatic punching machine with threaded steel inserts and prongs that insert claws into wood, usually on wood speaker cabinets.

CNC Machine

To ensure highly precise cutting for the parts, CNC machines are invested in the manufacturing process.

Panel Cuts

With automatic panel saw machines, every piece of panel cut is fit exactly to the dimension with minimal or zero error, ensuring that the speaker is assembled to order with perfection.

Construction Method

  • L Groove
  • T Groove
  • Mitre Lock

Wood Material

Aside from our commitment in assuring high standards in the professional audio equipment we produced from quality materials, we are also committed to assuring safe usage of our products. Our wood materials are CARB compliant to ensure that healthy air quality is maintained and the public is protected from exposure to toxic air contaminants.

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